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Upper Wings
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Original Size Factory Blueprints, for Wing Woodwork 



Used by Stearman restorers since 1986


Your Stearman restoration project will only be as accurate as the information you have to work with. Our blueprints are made from the original factory drawings from the 1930's and 1940's. Handwritten notes of the engineers are still in the margins, providing a fascinating glimpse into one of aviation's most interesting periods. For example, discover how many man-hours it took in 1944 to complete a drawing, before the age of computers. 


UPDATE! December 2002

wprt2.jpg (70392 bytes)These prints are now being produced using a digital printing process. Instead of white lines on a blue background, as in the large photo above, your prints will have black lines on a white background. There is also an improvement in the quality of the image over the older printing process. 

Organized by Group, Handier to Use: the entire package contains over 70 drawings, some as long as 10 feet! If you have a partially restored project or repair in the works, you only have to purchase the group that you need.

Download the complete list here in PDF format. Chances are your computer already has the PDF reader software installed, but if not you can get a free download here.

Click on one of the Groups below to see the exact listing of drawings, along with last revisions and size.

Catalog Number

Drawing Group

No. of Drawings

Price per Group


General Group 7 $46.00


Upper Wings 22 $96.50


Lower Wings 24 $150.00


Center Section 18 $82.00


if purchased separately 71 $374.50


Complete Package 71 $295.00


Special Money Saving Package: when you order a complete set, you will save $79.50, with our special package price of $295.00. If purchased separately, the total group would cost $374.50. If you do decide to purchase a single Group, be sure to order the General Group along with it. The General Group contains drawings that pertain to all Groups, but would be needlessly duplicated if included in every group.


You can purchase right here online with PayPal, or call 800-727-0311 with your Visa or MasterCard.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee - if you are not completely satisfied you may return the prints in re-saleable condition for a complete refund, including shipping charges.


Complete Package of All 71 Drawings:

Catalog No. C1004




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