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Used by Stearman restorers since 1986



This is a list of the full-size blueprints in the Center Section Group. 


Drawing No.


Date Drawn

Last Revision


E75N1-1300 Center Section Assy. Covered Wing 6/2/44 Q 1/5/45 L 34"x88"
E75N1-1301 Frame Assy., Center Section n/s 12/15/43 L 34"x88"
E75N1-1302 Blanket-Center Section 3/2/43 D 11/1/43 J 34"x42"
75-1303 Spar Assy.-Center Section Front 9/29/44 S 2/16/45 J 34"x42"
75-1305 Rib, Center Section Root 11/27/35 F n/a G 22"x34"
75-1306  Rib, Center Section Nose 11/25/42 O 1/2/45 D 17"x22"
75-1307 Rib, Center Section Trailing Edge #1 3/13/44 S 1/2/45 G 22"x34"
75-1308 Rib, Center Section Trailing Edge #2 11/24/42 M 10/18/44 B 11"x17"
75-1309 Rib, Center Section Trailing Edge #3 11/25/42 N 1/2/45 B 11"x17"
75-1310 Rib, Center Section Trailing Edge #4 11/25/42 M 10/18/44 B 11"x17"
75-1311 Rib, Center Section Center 8/21/44 Q 1/11/45 J 34"x42"
75-1312 Former, Trailing Edge Cut-Out 1/28/44 O 1/2/45 G 22"x34"
E75-1319 Patch, Center Section Cover 5/8/43 E 1/4/45 K 34"x66"
E75-1320 Rib, Center Section, Root 5/25/43 F 1/2/45 G 22"x34"
75-1330 Reinforcement Assy. Center Section Root Rib 12/16/43 P 1/2/45 G 22"x34"
75-1352 Rib, Inboard Hand Hold 7/3/43 M 1/2/45 D 17"x22"
75-1363 Support, Rear View Mirror Frame 10/18/44 K n/a B 11"x17"
75-1364 Frame Assy. Rear view Mirror Support 1/14/44 P 1/2/45 G 22"x34"

Listing Revised 4-10-87


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Center Section Group

Catalog No. C1003, $82.00


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