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Blueprints on Microfiche

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Blueprints on Microfiche

Used by Stearman restorers since 1986



Stearman Factory Blueprints on Microfiche


Over 2,000 Factory Blueprints on 4"x6" Microfiche Format. Microfiche.jpg (23192 bytes)Includes 120 page numerical Index. The microfiche depict actual Boeing/Stearman factory drawings in authentic detail and includes all of the Army Air Corps and Navy models. You will find blueprints on control surfaces, wing woodwork, electrical equipment, fuel system, oil system, instruments and the works.


With your Microfiche Set you will get our exclusive NumericalMicro_Book_detail.jpg (28511 bytes) Index. This allows you to quickly identify which fiche a particular drawing is located on. It will be an indispensable aid in your maintenance or restoration project. For ease of use, the Index comes in a three ring binder.

Please Note: this package requires a microfiche reader. A microfiche reader can be purchased for as little as $75.00 from a used office equipment dealer (please contact us for a source). Your friendly local FBO probably has one back in their parts department, or you may wish to visit your public library. 

The original images were quite large. We came across a set of 35mm microfilm spools that we transferred to the standard 4"x6" Microfiche format for your use. The microfiche optics are designed for images much smaller than full size blueprints, so you are limited to only viewing one section at a time. If we were to reduce the image size to fit on one screen, you would not be able to read any of the details.

You can purchase right here online with PayPal, or call 800-727-0311 with your Visa or MasterCard.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - if you are not completely satisfied you may return the microfiche set in re-saleable condition for a complete refund, including shipping charges.

Stearman Microfiche Set with Index:

Catalog No. B1000



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