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Piper PA-12 Project

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Piper PA-12 Project

Piper PA-12 Project 

PIPER PA-12 Super Cruiser 

Very advanced project for someone who wants a $ 100,000 high
performance float / ski plane without spending anywhere near that
kind of money. – And get in the air in less than a year. 

Project includes airframe and engine paperwork. Project description is presented to the best of our knowledge. Pictures are recently taken of the actual project. This project is offered for sales as-is, mid-west location without any warranty whatsoever. 

What to expect: 

The fuselage is an example of superb workmanship. You won’t find any pitted tubes or ugly welding repairs. But you will find an airframe ideally set-up for operation on floats, skis or wheels.

Door openings on right AND left sides KENMORE AIR STC 

ATLEE DODGE floatplane fitting STC 

New Super Cub 3” taller landing gear with STC 

PA-18 elevator control STC 

Removable seat crossbar STC 

Water rudder-centering device without dorsal fin STC 

Full wrap wing leading edge STC 

Float fitting STC 

Lifting eyes on fuselage 337 with overhead diagonal reinforcement 

Brackett air filter STC 

Wings modified for Flaps extended STC 

Extended baggage area / cargo floor and gross weight increase with STC 

Super Cub style windshield set-up 

UNIVAIR Super Cub fuselage tail section with tail-post reinforcement 

PA-18 trim set-up and elevator cable set-up 

LYCCOMING O-320 with logs. Incomplete: crank case, connecting rods only 

Lift struts are original 

Included are, among many other items: Ailerons, flaps, tailfeathers, seat frame, instrument panel, engine mount, sheet metal good for patterns, wheels (but not CLEVELAND's), new shock absorbers, a "ton" of paperwork including airframe and engine log, etc.

Components needed
to complete include: Prop, UNIVAIR sealed struts, fabric and dope, wing tanks, doors (use existing new frame as a jig for welding up new doors), engine parts.

Call Eric Friedebach at 320-296-1288



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Click on any of the pictures below for a larger view.

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